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Some nice words from our clients.

ClayAugust 20, 2015

Highly Recommend!

I called with a preliminary question about probating a will, and was surprised when he took my call personally! He basically provided me with a free consultation over the phone. I found him to be sharp, empathetic and very patient. He answered my questions and put my mind at ease. He was honest and told me up-front that I really had no options with my situation, rather than have me spend money to find that out. I would highly recommend using this attorney!

MarcAugust 1, 2012

Intelligent and Trustworthy

I worked with Joe when starting up my real estate business. The time I spent with him demonstrated not only his huge knowledge of the industry, but also how gregarious he was with his time and actual interest of what I wanted to accomplish with my business. He's a fantastic human being who just happens to practice law really well. If you use another lawyer for anything Joe can help you with, you're a fool.

Roger Batchelor, Fleming Island, FlFebruary 6, 2012

I was referred to Mr. Boyles by a relative who works in the Pensacola legal system. Mr. Boyles rapidly responded to our family's needs, produced a quality result. He was very professional and congenial and easily deals with difficult people when necessary.

ScottDecember 21, 2011

I was referred to Mr Boyles from another attorney. My case was unusual, but handled very professionally by Mr Boyles.

He is very bright, and communicates well with his clients and other attorneys.

I would highly recommend

anonymousFebruary 9, 2011

I highly recommend Joe Boyles - he was a great help with our estate planning, very knowledgeable and professional, and very thorough. He made the whole process so easy.

PeterFebruary 9, 2011

Joe handled the Estate of my late mother. From the start he took on a monumental task. The estate was upside down and we kept getting turned down by other firms. Joe not only happily took on the case, but as things dragged on was always there for us in spite of the adversity we faced. In this day and age it is rare that you find not only a knowledgeable professional, but one who has a sincere sense of compassion as well. He's as good as they come.

Jeffrey PhillipsDecember 21, 2011

Joe Boyles is an excellent attorney and a trusted advisor for my personal and professional concerns. Joe developed our family's will, advised us on trust and estate matters, and led us through this confusing process with great clarity and helpful advice.

LorraineFebruary 12, 2011

JWC Boyles, Esq. handled convoluted and contentious estate settlement and real estate matters for my family. I needed someone who could work with me locally as I live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Attorney Boyles came to me highly recommended. He is intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, dependable, honest and supportive. I highly recommend him to handle your legal matters.

Great attorney!

AshleyJanuary 4, 2011

Mr. Boyles was very professional and diligent while helping me with my insurance problems. In addition to his professional demeanor he was also caring. Would highly recommend him!

Harlan Winn, Estate planning AttorneyMay 7, 2015

I have known Joe since his youth. He is now a seasoned lawyer with talent and experience. I am very comfortable referring clients to him in all areas of his practice, and especially guardianship matters.

Nicole Ferry, Divorce and Separation AttorneyMay 21, 2014

Joe is a compassionate attorney who is sensitive to his client's grief and loss of a loved one. I have referred client's to him who have raved to me as to how wonderful he was.

J. Alistair McKenzie, Class action AttorneyMay 29, 2013

Whenever my clients require wills, guardianships, or any probate matter such as trusts and estates, I tell them there is only one lawyer to see in Pensacola, Joe Boyles. He is a consummate professional and treats his clients with care, dignity, and respect. I highly recommend his firm.

Eric Stevenson, Personal injury AttorneyMarch 10, 2013

I have known Joe for many years and know him to be a great litigator with extensive knowledge of the law. I have seen him in court and he does an outstanding job representing his clients.