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Guardianship Services

Guardianship Attorney Services
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Guardianship, known as a conservatorship in some states, is the process by which a Judge names an individual to serve as a Guardian to Legally make personal and/or financial decisions for another person. The vast majority of guardianship cases fall into one of three categories:

Minor Guardianships:

In the event that a child receives an inheritance, gift, or legal settlement in excess of $15,000, Florida Law requires that a Guardian be appointed to manage the funds for the child under the supervision of a Judge until the child reaches adulthood.

Guardian Advocacy:

When a child reaches the age of 18, he or she is presumed to be a competent adult under Florida Law. This presumption of competency applies even if the individual is disabled. Guardian Advocacy allows parents (or others) to continue to care for and legally manage the affairs of disabled adult children beyond the age of legal majority.

Adult Guardianships:

Whether due to an accident or some form of dementia or mental disorder, sometimes a competent adult loses their ability to manage their personal and/or financial affairs. Often a spouse, child, or friend will step in to petition a Judge for Guardianship to protect the individual from neglect or exploitation.

At Boyles & Boyles, we understand both the legal and emotional aspects of Guardianship and work with our clients to guide them through the process.